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System Requirements:
  • Hewlett-Packard 9000 series PA-RISC or Itanium  ¹
  • HP-UX 10.20 - 11.31 [ 11i v3 ] operating system  ²
  • Additional memory above current system requirements
  • Optional: MirrorDisk/UX product from Hewlett-Packard  ³
  • Optional: MC/ServiceGuard product from Hewlett-Packard  ³
  • Optional: Two unused hard disk drives (preferably the same capacity) or RAID LUN  ³

    ¹  RamDisc release 3 and higher support Itanium/Itanium2 and PA-RISC processors.

    ²  704 MB is the maximum memory amount that can be allocated for 32bit operating systems.
         32 GB is the maximum memory amount that can be allocated for 64bit operating systems.
       512 GB is the maximum allocated memory amount for 64bit 11.23 [ 11i v2 ] operating systems.

    ³  RamDisc Plus package only...There are two other software packages included in RamDisc Plus
       that do not require MirrorDisk/UX or additional hard disk drives (RamDisc Classic and Ram Only).
       The Ram Only software package is not included in release 1 of RamDisc Plus.

    How to install RamDisc plus on your HP-UX system...

    To obtain a license: We need to gather some info about the system that you plan on
    installing the RamDisc Plus utility. Download the hp-ux license request executable.
    This binary file is only compatible with HP-UX OS revisions 10.x or higher and displays
    the information we need to know in order to generate a new RamDisc Plus license key.
    Use this file for a demo license as well.  Just tell us how many demo days you need.
    The executable displays system information as well as company and contact information.
    Complete and send all of the information to for a license request.

    Please note: New users should download the latest revision shown in yellow highlight.
      New revisions of the same  release  do not  require a new license.  If  you
    currently have a  RamDisc  support contract and you wish to upgrade to a
    new release of RamDisc Plus,  use the  online license conversion utility
      The green links displayed below will direct you to the release notes page.
    Download the RamDisc Plus 3.13 tar file    Release 3 - revision 13
    Download the RamDisc Plus 4.13 tar file    Release 4 - revision 13     (latest revision)

    Installation instructions:

    Copy the downloaded ramplus-revXXX.tar file to your HP-UX /tmp directory.
    Logged in as root, do the following:

    # tar -xvf /tmp/ramplus-revXXX.tar
    # /tmp/ram_install

    (If this is a revision upgrade then stop here.)
    # /sbin/ramdisc -install   (for initial installation)
    (Add license and configure storage requirements.)
    (The system will reconfigure the kernel and reboot the system if needed.)
    (Use /sbin/ramdisc without the install option afterwards for additional configuration.)
    (You may want to use the -display option for systems without graphics using X windows.)

    Please note: Any  previous revision of RamDisc Plus  may be downloaded from our  ftp site
      Use the  demo license extension utility  to obtain an extended demo license if
    it has expired and you need more time to evaluate the performance of RamDisc.
      Optional LVM commands for revsion 4.12 (and beyond) can be downloaded here.
      RamDisc pricing is based on scalable licensed memory usage as shown here

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