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The AppMate Performance Troll
This page has been developed for your enjoyment.  In this section you will find
different points-of-view from Tom Lanahan in the form of poetry. (In case you're
wondering...Tom is the person in the picture on the left  -  aka  "The Old Troll").
You will also find some geek-like things that John Scheller has done to modify
the  Aopen AX6BC  motherboard such as modify the vcore voltage to overclock
the Intel Celeron 300a and 667 processors - (Currently a 1GHz P3 processor).
The following links will make you ask (or answer) just one question...    "huh?"
There are serveral directions to go from here...(some are more confusing than others.)   Before actually
viewing tomstuff or viewing johnstuff you must answer to the Old Troll because he has a question for
you. If are are afraid of trolls or you do not have a JavaScript enabled browser then you may want to take
one of the shortcuts listed above.  More links will be added to this page later on... but in the meantime...

Have fun and enjoy the ride...

This page is best viewed by a JavaScript enabled browser.

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