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Possible scenarios where your application may benfit from using RamDisc.

  • Network File Systems (NFS):
      Many system administrators setup a disk drive to be accessed across the
      network. Multiple users create and retrieve files from this disk (often
      at the same time). During this time you may hear "the network is slow".
      Most of the time it is not the network but the hard disk drive trying to
      keep up with multiple requests.

  • Public FTP sites:
      Systems that support anonymous FTP may have the /pub directory mounted
      using a ramdisc filesystem for faster transfer rates.

  • RAW device files for database access:
      Many database applications use hard disks as RAW devices (direct access)
      Using RamDisc Plus with mirroring, you can have the fastest data reads
      possible with the security of data writes stored on two different hard
      disk drives with the database available immediately upon system boot.

  • Applications that create temporary files:
      Many applications use temporary work areas on the disk while executing.
      The more temp files created, the harder the disk drive has to work. The
      harder the disk drive works, the slower the application gets.   We have
      customers using RamDisc with the following applications: Oracle - Sybase
      UniVerse - Progress

  • Re-Indexing of Database files:
      Many applications require occasioanl re-indexing (or reformatting) of
      database files that may take serveral days due to huge amoumts of disk
      activity. The time required to complete the task can be reduced to only
      a few hours by using RamDisc.

  • Cached or often used files:
      Internet browsers and other applications use cache files while downloading.
      Files are referenced faster than hard disk files when reloading a document.

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