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AppMate Performance Software provides software solutions
to help improve the performance of  HP-UX  database servers,
unique system administration and  hardware troubleshooting
to help maintain optimal performance with reduced downtime.
Many applications  use  a  temporary disk area for workspace.
If this area could be configured  to  remain in system memory,
the  overall  application  performance  would  increase  due to
accelerated  memory access times  and decreased activity on
disk storage devices. Our product RamDisc can be configured
to  be  mirrored  for  data integrity or standalone for the fastest
data  transfers  speeds  available  for  HP-UX  platforms. Time
comparison   benchmarks   were  performed  between  typical
disk devices and  RamDisc  and  the  results  are displayed to
use as  a  performance evaluation tool.  The stopwatch image
pretty much sums up  what  we  are  all  about :  Performance
AppMate is a member of the HP Developer & Solution Partner Program (DSPP). This partnership gives
us the opportunity to work with HP to develop, test and certify  our  RamDisc  product on various HP-UX
operating systems and hardware platforms  including those installed in mission critical environments.
AppMate representatives have a background of assembly, test and software admin of Hewlett-Packard
workstations  and  servers going back  to early 1988.  This unique experience allows  AppMate  to offer
system administration and troubleshooting of hardware / software problems for the current and legacy
HP systems.   Once a problem has been identified,  AppMate can suggest  possible corrective actions.

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