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The RamDisc Classic package allows you to:
  • Create a ramdisc filesystem during the system boot-up sequence.
  • Copy data from various pathnames to the ramdisc during system startup.
  • Deallocate or resize ramdisc filesystem without a system reboot.
  • Run the ramdisc backup program at user determined intervals.

    System Requirements:
  • Hewlett-Packard 9000 series 700/800 or Itanium series
  • HP-UX 9.05 up to 11.20 [11i  v1.5] operating system ¹
  • Additional memory above current system requirements

    ¹   704MB is the maximum memory amount that can be allocated for 32bit operating systems.
          2  GB is the maximum memory amount that can be allocated for 64bit operating systems.

    Please note: This software package has been replaced by RamDisc Plus.
    Even though RamDisc Classic is still supported,  it is only intended to be used by
    systems still booting HP-UX 9.05 - 10.10 or other special circumstances.

    How to install RamDisc classic on your HP-UX system...

    Download the RamDisc Classic revision 2.09 tar file   Release 2 - revision 9
    Revision 2.8 (or higher) is required for HP-UX 11.11 [11i] compatibility.
    Revision 2.9 (or higher) is required for HP-UX 11.20 [11i  v1.5] compatibility.

    Copy the downloaded ramdisc-rev209.tar file to your HP-UX /tmp directory.

    Have the license key ready (See below)
    Logged in as root, do the following:

    # tar -xvf /tmp/ramdisc-rev209.tar
    # /tmp/ram_install

    (If this is a revision upgrade then stop here.)
    # /sbin/ramdisc -install
    (Add license and configure storage requirements)
    (The system will reconfigure the kernel and reboot the system.)
    (You may want to use the -display option for systems without graphics.)
    To obtain a license we need to know some things about the system that
    you plan on installing the ramdisc utility.
    The three system commands are "lanscan, uname -a, dmesg".
    Logged in as root, do the following: (We underlined the information we want.)
    # uname -a
    HP-UX ram4 B.10.20 A 9000/735 2004832432 two-user license
    # dmesg|grep lockable
        Physical: 147456 Kbytes, lockable: 103372 Kbytes, available: 121328 Kbytes
    # lanscan
    Hardware Station        Crd Hardware Net-Interface   NM  MAC        HP DLPI Mjr
    Path     Address        In# State    NameUnit State  ID  Type       Support Num
    2/0/2    0x0800090BCB94 0   UP       lan0     UP     4   ETHER      Yes     52
    (NOTE: Use the Station Address for lan0 if your lanscan output displays more
           than one LAN address.)
    Using the information from above and the form template below, complete the 
    form and e-mail it to
    Subject: Ramdisc license request
    Your name...............
    Your e-mail.............
    Your job title..........
    Company name............
    Company phone nbr.......(   )
    Company address.........
    License type Demo/Full..
    Demo days required......
    uname -a output.........
    lanscan output..........
    dmesg output............
    Max ramdisc capacity....          (in megabytes)
    (How you will use ramdisc)
    RamDisc Classic price list
    RamDisc Usage ¹                       Purchase Price ²                      Support Price ³ 
    32MB -  256MB $ 1950.00 $ 295.00 
    257MB -  512MB   $ 2400.00 $ 360.00 
    513MB -  704MB $ 3100.00 $ 425.00 
    705MB -  2048MB¹  $ 3900.00 $ 510.00 

    ¹  The maximum amount of memory that RamDisc may use.
    ²  Includes technical support and product upgrades for the first year.
    ³  Annual support price includes technical support and product upgrades or enhancements.

    Earlier revisions of RamDisc Classic may be found on our ftp site.

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