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AppMate  representatives  have  a  background  of  assembly,
test  and  hardware troubleshooting  of  HP9000  workstations
and  servers  from   Hewlett-Packard.   Our  knowledge  of  this
type  of  hardware  dates  back  to  the  very  first  production  of
PA-RISC processor  systems  offered  from  HP.  Our services
include  remote  or   local   on-site   hardware  troubleshooting
to help maintain optimal performance with reduced downtime.
We also  offer  assistance  in  performing  hardware upgrades
and  determining  possible  upgrade  paths  available  to  your
system. Another advantage of utilizing the services of AppMate
is the ability  to  diagnose the failure,  offer assistance in parts
replacement,  and if  needed,  perform  system administration
recovery procedures in  the case of  a  disk drive replacement.
Using the combined services of AppMate saves you time and
expense.   Here  is an example  of  using  combined  services:
You have an RP5450  ( L2000 )  with 4 internal disk drives (2 mirrored boot drives and 2 mirrored data
drives) and you are powering on the system after an extended power outage.   The system attempts to
load the kernel, then pauses for a few seconds, and crashes every time.  You call AppMate and after a
few minutes of troubleshooting questions, it is discovered that you have a faulty primary boot drive and
the system was booting from the alternate without using the  ignore quorum option causing the crash.
AppMate  will then assist you in identifying the failed drive and discuss disk drive replacement options
and procedures.   After replacement,  AppMate  will  describe  the  process  of  booting the system and
issue the  LVM commands  needed to  restore and verify  the  data written  to  the newly replaced drive.

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