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AppMate  representatives  have  a  background  of  assembly,
test and  unique software admin  for the HP9000 workstations
and  servers  from   Hewlett-Packard.   Our  knowledge  of  this
type  of  hardware  dates  back  to  the  very  first  production  of
PA-RISC processor  systems  offered  from  HP.  Our services
include  remote  or   local   on-site   software administration to
help  maintain  optimal performance  with  reduced downtime.
We also  offer  assistance  in  performing  hardware upgrades
and  determining  possible  upgrade  paths  available  to  your
system. Another advantage of utilizing the services of AppMate
is the ability  to  diagnose the failure,  offer assistance in parts
replacement,  and perform the system administration needed
to properly recover the system to be online in a short period of
time. To be able to quickly recognize and solve the problem is
an  AppMate  advantage that will save  you time and expense.
Another admin specialty that we perform is the recovery of a boot disk from an fbackup tape.  This type
of tape is  not bootable  and it creates a  major problem  for boot disk recovery.  The fbackup / frecover
backup scheme has been in use for  a  long time now and many sites continue  to  use  these utilities
( although the current preferred method is to use the Ignite/UX product ).  If all of the Operating System
files are  on  the tape,  we can recover your boot drive without having to reload the media from scratch.

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